Friday, January 14, 2011

Cruise Restaurant - Circular Quay

Looking for a place to eat which is not cuisine specific and has a view.?Well not easy to find unless you want to eat at a 3 hat restaurant. So I had some guests from WA who wanted exactly that and after an exhaustive search I found the Cruise which is above the old international terminal at Circular Quay above Wild Fire. What I didn't tell you was this was Friday morning and I needed the booking for Friday night. Impossible! not quite. I booked a table for 8 for 8pm. The good news about this place is you can go downstairs to the cruise bar before hand and have a drink whilst viewing one of the best harbours in the world. It was a buzz packed with workers on a Friday night and people just walking around. We had a drink and if you want something different in a cocktail ask for a "Hello Sailor" sensational!. Lots of juice, alcohol, lychee's, passion fruit etc. no cream.

After a few drinks we went upstairs for dinner where we had a table facing the window and the view but the downside was that half the people were sitting with their back to the view. They try and help this by having mirrors at the back of the people facing the view so the other people can see the reflection. Not bad. The menu was not extensive but there were a few interesting items on the list. Although this was only 8pm the disappointing thing was that they were out of a number of things already, like Yellowfin Tuna entree, scallops entree and they had no ice cream for an Affogato. Apart from this we tried the smoke salmon cannelloni, another scallop dish, gnocchi and Alaskan king crab. All were presented well and tasted good. With the mains I had Rabbit which was overcooked and a little tough, the steak was also overcooked. The grilled Barramundi was excellent as was the Pigs Trotters.

Pan fried deep sea Canadian scallops with a salad of granny smith apples, celeriac, rocket cress & apple balsamic

Tomato water Ravioli of Alaskan king crab with black zebra tomatoes, avocado, fennel & zucchini flowers

Sweet potato gnocchi, rapini, yellow tear drops, black truffle, tarragon & a truffle foam

Pan roasted salt water barramundi fillet, warm salad of sweet corn, peas & eschalots, sweet corn puree, pencil leeks & a tarragon cream

Pigs Trotters

Boned & rolled leg of Macleay Valley white rabbit filled with truffles on a warm salad of slow braised loin, wood ear fungi & baby rocket

Only one person had dessert which was a chocolate delight and tasted great..........

A summer landscape of chocolate & peppermint with chocolate soil, peppermint sorbet with a vanilla scented cream & caramelised

The service was pretty good, the view was excellent, the food was ok but not great and more effort could have been made to ensure all items on the menu were available. Overall my guests from WA my brother in-law Michael Bataille and his family had a very enjoyable night and had exactly what they were looking for so all in all a great night. I have rated this only a 5/10 due to the food being overcooked and the unavailability of some items. Would I go back. probably.

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