Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kenzan Japanese Restaurant Collins st Melbourne

I was in Melbourne with some Japanese business colleagues who had just flown in from Japan and they suggested we go and eat some Japanese food which is unusual for these gentlemen as they normally want a good old Australian steak or some delicious seafood. They booked Kenzan in Collins st with a private room.I was very surprised at how busy they were on a Monday night but I now understand why. They ordered and the following was delivered.

Sushi dinner (or Deluxe Sushi Dinner)$75.00

- A small appetizer
Sunomono - Seafood and vegetables in sweet vinegar
Sashimi - Thinly sliced fresh pieces of raw fish
Chawanmushi - Steamed egg custard with shrimp and vegetables
Ebi Shumai - Steamed prawn dumplings
Sushi - Vinegared rice, topped with varieties of fresh fish
Miroshiru - Soya bean soup
Kudamono - Fresh fruits in season

The food was excellent ans we washed it down with a Cloudy Bay Sav Blanc. The interesting dish for me was the Chawanmushi ( Steamed egg custard with shrimp and vegetables) which was sensational, hot and tasty. The word basically means teacup steamed  which is how they cook it. Believe it or not we also ordered a tempura plate as they were still a bit hungry.

During dinner I found out some interesting facts about Japan eg fruit like Rock Melon sells for about $90 each as does most tropical fruits. If you are visiting Melbourne I can recommend you try Kenzan (meaning Mountain) and try and book the private room to complete the experience. I have rated this an 8/10 for food and service.

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