Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kingsley Steakhouse in king st sydney

This is an oldie but a goodie so my visit recently did not let me down. Firstly we started with a half a dozen oysters natural which were delicious. Trying to manage my waist line is difficult but I try to minimize my carb intake when I can so no sourdough bread. Bugger.

I chose the petite filet as it was only 160 grams and no fat. It was cooked to perfection medium rare to the point I had to say something to the chef as it could not have been any tastier. This was served with a salad but you can choose a number of mouth watering extras like chips, baked potato, plus some exciting sides. We had fresh steamed green vegetables. But they have many others and in the past I would have had the caramelized onions and chips. I did have the mushroom jus for my steak.

No sweets but for those who go to Kingsleys know they have chocolate coated coffee beans with coffee so we got stuck into them. No photos today as my camera is broken but I rate them a 7/10 for both service And food and they would have rated higher but their wine list by the glass is poor. I do suggest that if you are after a good steak then it's hard to go past Kingsleys or Stearsons. Contact them on 029295 5080

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