Saturday, April 16, 2016

Claire's Kitchen

This is one restaurant I have been wanting to go to for a while and I  am glad I went. It has a wonderful ambiance elegant without going over the top.

So we arrived and was seated at a large table in a cubicle as there was 4 of us and then the  waitress lit the large chandelier in the middle of the table which shone light onto the table. A great start to the night .

The menu was quite big and they also had some specials so there is plenty to choose from. Everything is French so well done. I ordered the salmon entree which was nice but not great the others were also happy with theirs. I also ordered 6 escargot which was the highlight.

For main I had lamb rack which was served cold and the potatoes were under cooked however it was still very tasty. The pork cutlet and the lamb rump was also very good.

The wine list is reasonable and varied in price which was good. The waiters were all very friendly and French so the experience was good. The only real negative for the night was the service which was too slow and not all the meals came out together which explains why they were cold.

I would go back and try again. I would give them 5/10 for service and 7/10 for food.

Claire's Kitchen
35 Oxford st
Surry hills